MAP: Mapping collaborative innovation spaces

We apologise for the spreadsheet; all these spaces will soon be placed on a global map with wiki-editable pages. For more useful information, we recommend downloading the spreadsheet and sorting them by category, location, etc.

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Snapshot of World Map of Innovation Spaces

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Here are some resources that were created from our discussion at Chaos Communication Camp 2015.


We are a group of Makers and Hackers from around the globe.

Anna Waldman-Brown
Anna consults with the Fab Lab network and grassroots innovators across 50+ countries to foster creative problem-solving and sustainable development. She researches large-scale, local manufacturing at the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy and MIT.

Paul Anand
Paul is the founder of Biotz Intelligent Technologies, the creator of India’s first 3D printer. Paul is involved with maker communities across India and is setting up a fab lab in Kerala.

Chinmayi S K
Chinmayi is a digital humanitarian with a deep interest in the culture of hacking. She is the Global Co-ordinator at Random Hacks of Kindness.She is the community head at The Bachchao Project an open source tech initiative to fight gender based violence.

Juliet Wanyiri
Juliet Wanyiri is an engineer and designer, and founded Foondi Workshops to leverage local, bottom-up innovation. She is also a Stanford FabLearn Fellow, and runs community-based, collaborative workshops on design thinking, product design and appropriate technologies.

Bilal Ghalib
By facilitating the development of Hackerspaces in the Middle East, Bilal connects open source, rapid prototyping technologies and most importantly passionate people who will together make tomorrow better.

Martin Restrepo
Martin Restrepo is a specialist in transmedia for education and mobile learning and founder of Appiario, a network of local innovation centers for communities and schools. His company Editacuja uses technology to integrate communities and schools, training a new generation of teachers and empowering digital content creators.

Gabriela Agustini
Gabriela promotes collaborations between Global South innovators while spreading maker culture throughout Brazil. She is the founder and director of Olabi, an innovation hub in Rio de Janeiro, and co-author of the book Bottom Up about social innovation and peripheries.

Albie Brown
Albie is a software engineer who has collaborated with Fab Labs across India and Ghana. He works out of a newborn hackerspace in Rhode Island as the founder of Spotter, a startup that allows people to rent out their driveways as hourly parking.

The Ananse Story


Ananse is the folkloric Spider, keeper of stories and a notable trickster.He had always been clever, but he wanted to make sure he was the absolute cleverest— so one day, he set out and collected all the world’s knowledge.

He put this knowledge in a great ceramic pot.To keep the hoard safe, he decided to place his pot atop the tallest tree in the savannah. He roped the pot around his belly, and attempted to climb up the tree. But his eight little legs couldn’t fit around the wide pot, and he didn’t get very far. He struggled for a few hours before his daughter came along and stared at him curiously. “Father,” asked the young spider, “why didn’t you tie that pot to your back?”

Ananse thought about his daughter’s advice. He wondered why he hadn’t come up with the idea himself, given that he had all the world’s knowledge tied to his belly. Then, he realized that having a great pot full of wisdom is different from putting that knowledge into practice. Ananse grew angry and threw his pot onto the ground— where it scattered into thousands of pieces and let all the contained knowledge escape back into the world. And that’s why, today, knowledge is available for everyone to collect for themselves.

For more Ananse stories, we recommend checking out Wikipedia

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